“The Sync” television series

Development on our new television series The Sync, a psychological Sci-Fi series, has begun. Over the course of the next six months we will be doing intensive world wide casting.


Unknown to us, a parallel world is sending people, know as Travelers, to our world through their equal’s in an effort to better their own world and keep harmony. While they seem to be doing good in both worlds, the parallel has their own hidden agenda running their world with one leader and through the biggest employer The Corporation.

The Corporation is the biggest corporation in the Parallel and has built a world with one leader and united the human race.  In the Parallel they have no religion, no hate, no race discrimination. They believe in the SPIRIT and that they are truly one with their EQUALS in our world.

In the parallel they still have much to learn such as they did in the beginning with their search to why our parallel worlds always be structurally balanced. But since they have looked past this obstacle, they have been able to created a more colorful, less polluted world with a crime rate of almost zero. This is all due to all of the hard work of the leaders to perfect the Corporation’s function in their world not only stop crimes before they happen, but to be able to correct them thereafter via the use of a traveler.