Zombie Wars

It has happened... The Dead rose and walk the land... Humanity tried to put up a fight, but it was in vain... Guns were the obvious first choice for weapons, but it turned out that those are near useless against zombies... The monsters can hear the shots and smell the stench of cordite from far away. Firing a gun is like ringing a dinner bell for ghouls!

Germany, 10 years after the apocalypse. A small group of survivors is facing the ultimate crisis of their existence. They have survived this long only because they had a stash of rubber plus an expert in weaponizing the elastic bands – Jörg Sprave. Thanks to his knowledge about improvised, silent slingshot weapons, they could defend themselves with efficiency.

The group found a medieval castle, on the top of a steep mountain - safe from the Undead. But tending to their crops means exposure to hundreds of hungry ghouls! Jörg's slingshots and slingshot crossbows proved efficient in holding the enemy at bay, through all these years.

But now, their rubber is deteriorating. Bringing in the much needed harvest is impossible just with melee weapons. The group has already lost many dear members to the ranks of the Undead. They need to make a new batch of rubber, it is the only way. But how?

Jörg has an idea. Just before the dead rose, he learned that you can make latex milk not only from the caoutchouc tree, but also from dandelions – in theory, that is!

The slingshot maker puts up a plan. He needs tons of dandelions, and chemicals such as sulfur, zinc oxide, 2-MBT and non-ionic surfactants, plus an oven that can heat the ingredients sufficiently.

It is time for a supply run. But ten years after the Zombies took over, that isn't exactly a pleasant walk in the park – the survivors must move into ghost towns infested with the Undead, searching through looted stores and abandoned hospitals - all teeming with the enemy. When they hear the desperate pleadings for help from other survivors that are trapped on a rooftop, a tough decision has to be made...

Will they put themselves into even more danger and help the strangers?

Will the critical ingredients be found, and will they make it back to the castle?

Will the Slingshot Master succeed in making slingshot rubber at last?

Time is running out - starvation is right around the corner, and the ghouls are knocking on the door, with authority.

A story of desperation, courage, hunger, violence, and... slingshots.